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C Compiler



  • Optimized code generation
  • Allows full use of special features (e.g. bit) of MP200 embedded controller
  • C++ style comments (//) supported
  • Supports mixed language ("C" + 8051 Assembly) programming and in-line assembly also
  • Supports single precision Floating Point Arithmetic and includes math library
  •  Float numbers stored in IEEE standard format
  • Supported data types : bit, char, unsigned char, int, unsigned int, long int, unsigned long int, float, arrays (up to 2 dimensions), pointer (up to 1 level)
  • Interrupt Service Routines can be written in "C"


    The "C" cross compiler for MP200 controllers generates fast, compact assembly code from the user's C program.  It allows the user to write MP200 applications in a higher level language - "C" - thereby drastically reducing software development time.  It offers all the benefits of a higher level language at a very affordable price and supports a subset of the ANSI "C" language specification with some extensions specific to the MP200.  The supported data types include bit, char, int, long int, float arrays and pointers. The library includes a wide range of functions - string handling, conversions, I/O related and also math functions such as sin, cos etc.  It includes a Pre-processor, Compiler, Optimizer, Assembler, Linker, and Library Manager.  Compiler directives such as #define, #ifdef etc. can be used.  The compiler allows a special type of function: "interrupt" for writing Interrupt Service Routines in C language and the compiler takes care of context saving and restoring.

    Although "C" Compiler is available for the DOS platform only, our main application development tool 
    EZ-Ware, which runs on Windows 9x, is driven by the "C" compiler. It combines the features of the "C" Compiler and Visual Programming to drastically improve software development time. 

    If you are interested in the "C" Compiler, contact us directly to purchase the "C" Compiler 
    or download the EZ-Ware demo to view the compiler in action.

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