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EZ-Ware® Software


The EZ-Ware software is a powerful, 32-bit Windows™ based visual programming software used to generate ANSI C files which takes advantage of all features of the MP200 controller.  The generated C file then is compiled with a C-cross compiler and finally downloaded to MP200 controller via RS232 communication link.

EZ-Ware allows the user to write MP200 applications in a Visual Programming Language thereby dramatically accelerating software development time.  It offers all the benefits of a higher level language as well as ease of use makes programming the MP200 a breeze. It supports a subset of the ANSI "C" language specification with some extensions specific to the MP200.  

EZ-Ware allows programming the features of the MP200 with a click of a button.  All the features can be accessed through comprehensive dialog boxes and interactive menus.  All the I/O's and the variables can be defined with the use of easy-to-remember names.  Simplicity is what Micro-Bit strives for and this is accomplished by eliminating the "syntax nuisance" in programming. 

If you would like to evaluate EZ-Ware Version 5.0, click on the image to download a demo version.  
In order to install the demo version please type DEMO when setup asks you for serial number.  

If you are one of our current customers, please call or e-mail us at
support@micro-bit.com and we will send you a serial number.  
Please note that the demo version has all the features with the exception of compiling and downloading into the controller.

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