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MP200 Embedded Controller 
w/Built-in Intelligent Operator Interface



  • Check out the MP200 Presentation

  • All programming codes are stored in a 64K FLASH memory

  • All programming data are stored in 32K/64K BBRAM

  • Super Twist high contrast 4 X 20 character LCD technology with LED backlit

  • 4 X 5 keyboard with raised perimeter and tactile feedback

  • Up to 64 Digital Outputs can be configured to SPDT relays capable of delivering 4A @ 120VAC, Solid State Relays capable of delivering 4A AC/DC or high current line drivers capable of delivering 400 MA @ 48VDC

  • Up to 64 Digital Inputs are Optically Isolated up to 5000V and jumper selected to AC/DC or sink inputs

  • Up to 8 channels of Analog Inputs accept a range of voltage inputs from 0-5, 0-10, ±5, ±10VDC with 12 bits resolution, and accuracy of ±1 LSB max

  • Up to 4 channels of Analog Outputs with voltage range from 0 - +10VDC with 12 bit resolution and accuracy of ±1 LSB max

  • Six discrete digital I/Os which can be configured as high speed counter inputs (two of the inputs only) with pulse width of 5 µsec, pulse output (one of the outputs only) with frequency up to 1MHZ, external interrupt (one of the inputs only), or just simple inputs/outputs

  • Programmable Stepper Module Controller (66.67 KPPS maximum pulse output)

  • Two Full duplex RS232 port with one jumper selectable to RS485 baud rates up to 19.6K

  • Programming done with C compiler and/or EZ-Ware Visual Programming

  • Optional Real time clock and calendar

  • Dimensions: 8.00" x 6.00"


The MP200 Controller is designed with many special features and capabilities. The operator interface panel makes it easy to interact with the operator and provides on time information to the operator. The engineer can design and debug a program in a minimal period of time. The unit is designed to be flush mounted in a panel. The front panel is a sealed unit consisting of a 4 X 20 character display and 4 X 5 tactile feedback keyboard.

The MP200 can be used as either an intelligent Operator Interface to communicate via RS232/RS485 to many devices such as PLCs, Motor Controllers, etc. or with the use of the real world I/O's it can control many types of industrial equipment.


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