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Programmable Stepper Module Control



  • Can control up to two axes suitable for controlling stepper/servo motors
  • Addressable up to SIX AXIS
  • LED indicators for I/Os
  • Three different types of speed control methods for the most flexible stepper motor controlling: 
    -- Trapezoidal profile motions
    -- S-curve profile motions
    -- Adjustable curve profile motions
  • 66.67 KPPS maximum pulse output (Line Driver 400mA or Differential Output) 
  • Adjustable speed during operation 
  • Easy removable screw terminal connections
  • Plug-in Module for MP200 Operator /Smart Controller
  • Excellent for Cost sensitive Motion Control Applications with the need of precision
  • Dimensions: 7.25" x 5.00"


Speed control method Trapezoidal profile motions, S-curve profile motions, 
Adjustable curve profile motions. 
* Software selectable at the initialization
Acceleration/Deceleration pulse rate 8 pulses to 65,535 pulses
Number of speed adjustment stages Maximum 96 stages
Pulse output Frequency 31 PPS to 66.67 KPPS (Normal speed mode), 
8 PPS to 16.67 KPPS (1/4 speed mode), 
2 PPS to 4.17 KPPS (1/16 speed mode).
Method Single phase pulse output method with direction signal
Width/Type Duty ratio 50%, Line Driver, Differential Outputs for both Pulse and Direction outputs
Maximum number of output pulses +/- 16,777,215 pulses 
* Not valid for constant speed origin search command & the continuous operation command, which are unlimited.
Optically Isolated Limit input signal 10 Sourcing Points (Origin, CW/CCW limit, CW/CCW high, speed limit) five per Axis 
Driver control signal Alarm One Optically Isolated Input
Hold One Line Driver Output (Sink 400MA)
Supplemental Input/Output signal Sixteen (16) Optically Isolated Sourcing Inputs (Eight (8) per Axis).  Sixteen (16) Line Driver Outputs (400mA, Eight per Axis).
Main control command Motion Acceleration/Deceleration 
Constant speed
Single step
Constant speed origin search
Continuous constant speed
Continuous high speed
Speed change Immediate change of speed
Change of speed after acceleration or deceleration
Stop Immediate stop
Stop after deceleration
Status reading Finish status
Command error code
Current position
Auxiliary input signal status
Control input signal status
Supplemental Current position setting
High speed limit effective speed setting
Auxiliary output

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