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Upgrade Information

June 28, 2002

  • Latest version: 5.0

  • Download Full Version (3.05 MB)

  • To obtain a serial number, contact us or call us at (972) 665-4040.

  • To evaluate EZ-Ware, type DEMO when prompted for a serial number during setup.

  • Revision History 

5.0 Screen Bug fixes, Update Lib Files, Bug Fixed In Stepper Sections.                            4.1 Updated the program to add line numbers, color code the key words, simpler editing line of code, updated lib files for more efficient coding, faster download selection, and some other minor issues.                                                                                                                         2.2 Final Release with minor Bug fixes with the 6-AXIS Stepper Controls Updated Lib files
2.1: 6-AXIS Stepper Capability, Minor Bug Fixes
(BETA Release) Expected Public Release: April 22, 2002
2.0: Stepper Functions added for 2-axis control, XP Compatibility, major bug fixes, appearance changes.
1.13: Minor Bug Fixes

For more information about EZ-Ware, click here to learn about its functions, view some screenshots, and download a demo.

Diagnostic Tool
January 17, 2002

  • Latest version: 1.1  

  • Download FULL Version: (16.8 MB) If you have not previously installed Diagnostic Tool AND your controller contains the Diagnostic Firmware, download this release.

  • Download UPGRADE: (752 KB) If you have version 1.0, download the the new executable file to to replace your current 1.0 executable

  • Download DEMO: (11.9 MB) Download a Demo version to see what Diagnostic Tool can do for you!

  • Revision History 
    1.1: Ethernet connectivity, small bug fixes, context help, and appearance changes
    1.0: Initial Release

  • To obtain a copy of, contact us or call us at (972) 386-9294.  We must first upgrade your unit's firmware before the unit can be put in Diagnostic Mode.

For more information about Diagnostic Tool, click here to learn about its functions, view some screenshots, and download a demo.

June 12, 2003

  • Latest version: 4.0 Download Upgrade (You must first install Full Version 3.0)  

  • Latest version: 3.0  

  • Download FULL Version 3.0 : (549 KB) DLoad provides an easy-to-use utility to download your generated program HEX files to your controller via serial communication.

  • Revision History 

4.0: Allows to Download files using 56K Baudrate                                                          3.0: Allows larger program to be downloaded.
2.0: XP Compatibility, Program additions/revisions, appearance changes, and bug fixes
1.0: Initial Release

Check back here soon for revisions, updates, and bug fixes for Diagnostic Tool and EZ-Ware.

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